Westmont Youth Baseball Association

Levels of Play:
The W.Y.B.A. offers 6 different levels of play for youths 4-20 years old.  (All youths must meet the youngest age requirement by May 1, 2017 and not be older than the maximum age by August 31, 2017 for all levels).
The different levels include:

This program was started in 2012 with one team. It was designed to give our WYBA participants the chance to play in a part-time travel league with players from other Little Leagues located in the greater Chicagoland area.

Since its inception, the Storm has grown to include teams from all age levels of the WYBA and has developed into a program that better prepares athletes to play at the high school level and has even sent a couple of teams to play in out of town tournaments.

League          Age       Before 2/5     After 2/5                                     Game Locations

Tee Ball                       4,5,6                1 player $150              $160                Each Additional Player $130            Fritz Werley Park

Instructional                7-8                   1 player $175              $190                Each Additional Player $155             Ty Warner Park

Minor                           9-11                 1 player $200              $220                Each Additional Player $180            Ty Warner Park

Major                           10-12               1 player $200              $220                Each Additional Player $180            Veteran’s Memorial Park

Babe Ruth Jr.               13-15               1 player $225              $245                Each Additional Player $205            Veteran’s Memorial Park

Babe Ruth Sr.              16-19               1 player $235               $255                Each Additional Player $215            Veteran’s Memorial Park
​20 yr. old                                               1 player $255              $275                Additional $20 for insurance

Storm (Travel)           9U,10U,11U,12U,14U                           $425


All first time registrants must have a birth certificate.
All Players that are non-residents of the Westmont Park District will be assigned an additional per player fee of $25/T-Ball & Instructional, $25/Minors & $25/Majors and Babe Ruth.
Due to limited space, roster spots are available on a first come, first served basis.  Players will be put on a waiting list if rosters are full.
It is recommended that all parents and players new to the W.Y.B.A. thoroughly read the W.Y.B.A. Program Booklet for all the information you need regarding our program.  The W.Y.B.A. Board is always available to answer any questions you have for the upcoming season.

Levels and Fees